Help the gorillas in the Bwindi

Katoto Baby Nov 2020 - Sabato

The first time in Africa was like coming home.
Experiencing the gorillas in the Bwindi National Park showed us why.
Female Ranger Bwindi National Park

Help to protect the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Rainforest. The pandemic with all its travel restrictions is endangering the protection of the last mountain gorillas in the south-westernmost tip of Uganda.

Teenage Gorilla

Help us, because it is important to protect these wonderful animals and their magic ...

Femal Gorilla
Male Ranger Bwindi National Park

Help, because the absence of tourists endangers the jobs of the rangers, who are paid by the entrance fees. But the rangers are the guarantors for the protection of the last remaining mountain gorillas. They are all the more important because according to a report in the SPIEGEL on 11 May, two mountain gorilla babies were born there.

What do we want to support?
Please read read the following if you want to konw what your donation will be used for.

We have thought long and hard about how we want to use the donations.
The rangers are the guarantors for the safety of the animals. They and the trackers, who always know where the groups are, are concerned, also the helpers and porters who enable the tourists to get to the remotest corners of the rainforest to experience the gorillas up close. They all live from the fees of the tourists, who unfortunately do not come to the same extent due to the travel restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic. The money we collect should primarily benefit the rangers, trackers and porters because only if they are able to feed their families, they will be able to continue to look after the animals.

In order not to lose too much time in the jungle of our bureaucracy, we have contacted the Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe e.V. association and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, who will pass on the funds. The Max Planck Institute and the association have the right contacts to give the donated money into the right channels. The Institute is on site with scientific staff and knows exactly what is needed to enable the rangers to do their work.

Donate, every cent, even the smallest amount helps.

from left to right: Thomas Schulz/Paul Kamya/Astrid Ebert

Every donation will be forwarded directly to the appropriate offices by the Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

So far
a total of
5,500 €
could be
handed over
to the Porters
in Ruhija
in the Bwindi Rainforest.

It is difficult to report on handovers in a timely manner.
There is not always the possibility to report on a handover in such detail as in the case of the first handover.

We will post the donations
in the future in our


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All Gotillapictures and the pitures of the walk © Astrid Ebert
Pictures and Video from the handovers are coutesy of the Ruhija Center, Uganda